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About us:

Welcome to Howard Beach Civilian Observation Patrol Inc.

Safety has been a major concern of many communities, towns, cities, and countries around the world. How often have you heard someone say "I don't feel safe even in my own home."? Yes, it's sad to think that as time goes by, it seems as if more and more cases of criminal activities are reported. What's more concerning is that many more are left undocumented by police and news agencies. While we can all agree that we live in a difficult time where peace and order is an all-too common problem, all is not lost - there is hope, as long as there are people willing to stand up and help in the fight to keep their community safe.

Our Mission:

The Howard Beach Civilian Observation Patrol Inc. is a neighborhood watch program involving responsible civilians who volunteer to act as the eyes and ears for the Police Department. These volunteers patrol their own neighborhoods and report suspicious and criminal activities that require Police attention. 

Members of HBCOP assist the Police and other Emergency personnel 

by observing and reporting incidents, conditions and crimes.

By maintaining a visible uniformed presence in the community, 

Correct issues that effect our quality of life.

 The Howard Beach Civilian Observation Patrol Inc. 

helps deter crime and promote neighborhood safety and security.

Our Volunteers:

We are all volunteers that are neighbors

 with professional backgrounds that cares

 for our community deeply. 

"We Are Neighbors Helping Neighbors"

Renewing our Quality of Life as it was before.

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