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HBCOP Yard Sign

Our Patrol has been Installing a crime prevention deterrence sign.

 An awesome new Yard Sign and Window Decals.

As Reads:


HBCOP ( with our logo on it, see the sample picture)

We are offering this awesome full color very large and noticeable yard signs 

12” x 18” designed with our Trademarked logo, and a 4”x 4” window decal with a donation of $25 or more, this will entitled you to a tax deductible donation. 

Please Check the box to your address on the donation form 

and we will install it for you.

Donations are accepted at our secured PayPal Site 

using a Major Credit Card or your PayPal Account.

Very Secured!

Another way to receive your Yard Sign is to 

Please mail your donation check to:

Howard Beach Civilian Observation Patrol Inc.

PO BOX 140293

Howard Beach, NY 11414

All donations are tax deductible and a receipt of the donation

will be mailed to you for your taxes.

Installations of the Yard Signs are usually Same day or within 24 hours.

Any further information or concerns:

Please call us at 1~646~241~6645

Or email us at

Thank you for your support!

(Sorry No Cash Accepted)

Disclosure: No goods or services have been or will be provided to you in return for your donation.

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