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Here's what we've been working on since 2014:

Saying Goodbye to a Dear Friend, A Neighbor, 

And An Amazing Board Member. 

Rest In Peace ​  Egidio Alfredo Spinel, Jr.

🏆 Volunteer Acknowledgment 🏆

A very special thank you to my daughter Anna Thompson and our youngest volunteer! For always helping, caring, and keeping our volunteers motivated in all types of special events, projects that renew our quality of life and better our Howard Beach and surrounding Communities.

Anna started volunteering when we created HBCOP in June of 2014, she was 9 years old at the time. Anna has always assisted and supported our community cleanup events, restorations of ghost bikes, helped hand out flyers for membership, and types out thank you letters for neighbors that donated, followed by so much more...

Our HBCOP Board of Directors and volunteer members, acknowledge and very much appreciate Anna Thompson who is now turning 16 yrs old in April, For volunteering for 7 years and making a very positive impact on each of us.

We are so blessed to have Anna represent our youth that work hard and create the blueprint for our future leaders.

Thank you Anna Thompson for everything you do, and keep up the amazing volunteer work.

God bless you.

Joe Thompson/Dad



🚴🏼 HBCOP BIKE PATROL 🚴🏼 is Honored to Start our new program in Howard Beach. First time ever volunteer Bike patrol in our own Community.

Covering areas and being the eyes and ears on bikes where vehicles can't view.

July 17th, 2021

Amazing Cleanup Event Arranged by Teamup2cleanup!

HBCOP Partners and collaborates with all the awesome community groups that better our Howard Beach Communities Quality of Life.

Fantastic Cleanup Everyone!







Awesome seeing our great friend Curtis the leader of the 

Guardian Angels at Prima Pasta!

Our First Spring Cleanup 2021

Happy first day of Spring 2021!

At the last minute with this beautiful day we decided to do a much needed cleanup.

A very special thank you to our Director of Environmental Preservation, Ken Feinberg, Ken’s Mother visiting from Florida, Patrol member Anthony Sorrentino, my daughter Anna Thompson and myself for cleaning up the dumpster area on Broadway off 102nd Street. We also painted both dumpsters that were destroyed by graffiti.

Hopefully the New Hamilton Beach Civic, Community Board 10, Senator Joe Addabbo’s Office can allocate funds and approve the much needed additional dumpsters in that area, especially a recyclable one just for boxes and recyclables. Also work with the Sanitation Police and enforce the Illegal Dumping issues there for years.

HBCOP will continue to monitor this location and others around our community and report and document what needs to be done to our Leaders, Sanitation, and Public Officials.

“We are Neighbors Helping Neighbors”

“Renewing Our Quality of life”

Joe Thompson



Our Members Provide Safety At Vehicle Accidents

While on Patrol we witnessed a 3 vehicle Collision on CrossBay Blvd and Shore Parkway.

HBCOP members notified NYPD and EMS. We are Assisting with medical and traffic.

Use caution in this area.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors!

Thank you so much Joe Caruana and the Executive Board, and residents of the Cloverdale Condo Units in Lindenwood.

Your generous donation helps our group continue vital volunteer services for our Howard Beach community.

Shared from Joe Caruana:


It was great to see my buddy Joe Thompson President of HBCOP earlier this week.

I was there on official business, as the Cloverdale Condo #1 in Lindenwood donated some money to help with the high cost of gasoline.

As President of the Cloverdale Condos, the board and I really appreciate the job JT and the rest of HBCOP patrolling the neighborhood, they have prevented many possible situations

Their hard work helps maintain rents and property values at above market rates Thanks!

They have been working our area of 79th to 77th Street for many years

Please Help Our Food Collection

 Fight Against Hunger

Howard Beach  Judea Chabad 

Public Menorah Lighting 12/13/2020

Ozone Park Block Association, and 

Cityline Ozone Park Civilian Patrol (COPCP)

Christmas Tree Lighting 12/12/2020


A very special thank you for the Amazing Traffic Control by the 106th Pct. NYPD Auxiliary Police members lead by Captain Mike Hennessy and Sgt. Tiny. Also HBCOP Members lead by President, Joe Thompson, VP of Operations, Billy Ellingsgard, Director of Environmental Preservation, Ken Feinberg, Patrol Members: Anthony Sorentino, Brandon Aresco, Patrick Delaney, Cindy T., Anna T.,

 & Michael Giordanella Administrator of HB Strong facebook Group.

Each of you did an amazing job in keeping every pedestrian and auto safe, 

while the traffic was moving well in busy areas of the route on Crossbay Blvd.

It was a blessing to see all the Participants of the 7th Annual NYFAC Toy-Run.

Thank you to the NYFAC Foundation for caring so much to make this happen for all the Kids,

 and awesome Job by PJ Marcel the Administrator of HB Dads 

and members assisting in escorting the Toy-Run.

Opening Christmas Lighting In Howard Beach 2020


I truly want to give a huge shout out to everyone that was able to attend todays clean up especially group members of HB Strong, Teamup 2 Cleanup, Howard Beach 11414, Flags Across Howard Beach, Sponsored by HBCOP Members; Eddie Earl, Director of Field Operations, Ken Feinberg, Director of Environmental Preservation, Joe Thompson, President, Nick Sorrentino, 1st Vice President, Patrol Members, Anthony Sorrentino, Patrick Delaney, C. Sabran, Anna T., Cindy T. - 

Community Members; 

Steve Sirgiovanni, which purchased racks, brooms and other supplies to assist us, 

Michael Giordanella, Anthony Carbone, Vinny Musca, Retired Fire Fighter Jay, 

Frank Martin, Liska Amari, Gina Barillaro, Andrew Maya, John Pickle, 

106 Pct. Auxiliary Police Headed by Captain Mike Hennessy.

 If I missed anyone please let me know. We had Amazing turn out with wonderful and blessed people. We did a remarkable job. That area particularly on Cohancy I can't recall was every cleaned up before since i was born and raised and moving back here. Thank you everyone for your awesome hard work.

Thank you to Karen McCabe which was a blessing to allow us to use her yard to keep 

our Supplies for safe keeping.

A very special Thank you to the most amazing Food in the city Divinos Pizzeria 🍕 

donated pizza pies for everyone to enjoy after our hard job.

And we are especially thankful for our community members that have been donating to our organization so that we were able to rent power equipment from Home Depot, beverages, snacks, safety Google, Work gloves, garbage bags, gas and 2 cycle oil for the rented machines.

“Donations that go right back into our community”

This is the way our HBCOP volunteer organization not for profit operates!

“We are neighbors helping Neighbors!”

Thank you again everyone involved.

Joe Thompson

President, HBCOP

Attending to the Injured Accident Victims, and 

Safely Performing Traffic Control: 

O​ur Director​ of Environmental Preservation is Performing a Survey of the Beach Area under the Addabbo Bridge.

Thank You for your Assistance Mrs. Maureen Regan of the National Park Service, Community Outreach Team. 

The Amazing Donated Face Masks from

 Creations By Daniela 

Look Awesome!